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Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group (PLEG) is concerned with the restoration of native grasslands and grassy grey-box woodlands, including the grassy woodland of Pinkerton Forest, the nearby native grassland in Mulla Mulla Grasslands (Bush's Paddock) and of the adjacent section of the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge, (which adjoins Western Water Treatment Plant at Surbiton Park) within the City of Melton, Victoria, Australia.

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PLEG Annual Picnic 6th January 2019

pleg picnic 6jan2019 x150

PLEG’s annual picnic for 2018 was held on Sunday 6th January 2019

Our picnic/BBQ was originally planned for Sunday 16th December but this was cancelled due to the deteriorating weather forecast. It was considered that in the event of forecast heavy rains the access track would be muddy and slippery. Also, old growth woodlands are unsafe in thunderstorms due to the possibility of falling trees and branches.

Updated: Monday, 16 September 2019 15:36


Wildlife in Pinkerton Forest 2018

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group

Appendix: Wildlife in Pinkerton Forest 2018

A series of photos were taken by a trail camera at the two water troughs placed in Pinkerton Forest (beside the Green Shed & in Upper Pinkerton) as well as beside the Pinkerton Link / Mulla Mulla gate giving us an insight as to what happens in Pinkerton in our absence! We have also had a glimpse into night time activities in Pinkerton. The water troughs appear to be a focus of activity, both day and night. The trough beside the Green Shed especially is a focus of activity for a variety of local wildlife (native and non-native). A dramatic incident recorded a Fox in pursuit of a Possum beside the water trough. Fortunately both the possum and its young were photographed the following night so they both survived the chase!

Updated: Tuesday, 26 March 2019 23:53


PLEG: Diary for 2018

diary blog

Read about PLEG's activities for  2018


Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2019 23:05


Open Day at Surbiton Park

beside the Werribee Riverx150Launch of Werribee River biodiversity brochure

On Saturday 2nd June Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group (PLEG) and Western Water welcomed the community to an Open Day to visit the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge beside Western Water’s treatment plant at Surbiton Park. PLEG launched their brochure ‘Restoration of the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge’ funded by a City of Melton World Environment Day Grant.

Updated: Tuesday, 09 October 2018 23:03


Ballarat Line Upgrade: removal of trees from rail corridor

rail upgrade x150Ballarat Line Upgrade: removal of trees from rail corridor

Relocating felled Sheoke trunks from rail reserve to Pinkerton Link

At a meeting with Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group (PLEG), Regional Rail Revival, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority and LendLease concerning removal of native grassland vegetation from the rail corridor between Deer Park and Melton, PLEG were informed that a stand of Drooping Sheoke trees, a few hundred metres east of Ferris Road was to be removed to make way for railway duplication works.

Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 22:35


Diary for 2018: January - March

diary blog

Read about PLEG's activities for the first quarter of 2018: January to March, including
Weeding at Pinkerton Link: Sunday 14th January 2018
Weeding in Pinkerton Forest: 16th January
Weeding in Pinkerton Forest: 7th February
Spreading mulch & sowing seed at Pinkerton Link: 25th February
Weeding at Pinkerton Flat: Tuesday 6th March, Monday 26th March

Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2019 22:37


Pinkerton Forest Story


This Pinkerton Forest document was placed in the Time Capsule that was opened on 2017 then re-interred in Pinkerton Forest, in USB form, requiring a detailed summary of our activities over the years in Pinkerton Forest.

Updated: Wednesday, 07 February 2018 10:41


Pinkerton Family Time Capsule Opening 8th November 2017 and Family Picnic

time capsule headstone thOfficial opening of time capsule

On Wednesday 8th November 2017 the time capsule placed in the memorial cairn in in 1931 and 1992 beside the family graves in Pinkerton Forest was opened in a ceremony attended by many dignitaries, reflecting the importance placed on the environmental, cultural and heritage values of Pinkerton Forest by Melton Council, Western Water and the State Government.

Updated: Monday, 12 February 2018 11:40


Pinkerton Forest Impressions, Spring 2017 by Joan Bowker

210A9010 th

Pinkerton Forest Impressions, Spring 2017 by Joan Bowker

Updated: Thursday, 21 December 2017 12:37


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Pinkerton Forest and Bush's Paddock Flora and Fauna Report

Western Water and Shire of Melton commissioned Ecology Australia Pty Ltd to conduct a flora and fauna assessment of Pinkerton Forest and Mulla Mulla Grasslands (Bush's Paddock).

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Cobbledicks Ford Reserve: Flora and Fauna Management Plan

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd was commissioned by Wyndham City Council to prepare a flora and fauna management plan for Cobbledicks Ford.

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Western Water Partnership

WW logo CMYK We recognise the ongoing support of Western Water in our work to protect and enhance Pinkerton Forest, the Werribee River and the Pinkerton Link.