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Australian Plant Society (APS)
Melton & Bacchus Marsh Group

Australian Plant Society


BirdLife Australia
(formerly Bird Observation & Conservation Australia(BOCA)

Caroline Springs on Basalt Plains Grasslands (CS on Grass)


  Friends of Toolern Creek
Friends of Toolern Creek
Melton Environment Group
Melton Environment Group

Parwan Landcare Group
Parwan Landcare Group


  Western Melbourne Catchments Network

PLEG Website:

New website created by Helen Snee with the ongoing support from Melbourne Water's River Health Incentives Program.  All content taken from the  original web site  which was created by Colin Rowan and maintained by Inna Nogeste, the previous webmaster who built on Colin's work. Assistance/photos/reviews from Daryl AkersFrances Overmars and other members of the Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group.

All photos were supplied by Colin Rowan unless otherwise noted.

Colin's personal Web Site is WWW.RetiredAussies.com

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