pic3 th28th July 2014

Wedgies observing courting & mating on Mt Cottrell by Frances Overmars & Daryl Akers while planting in the crater of Mt Cottrell. A magnificent panorama but it was very cold & windy!
About a dozen Kangaroos were beside the track, a little way in from the front gate, out of the wind. They ignored us as we drove past them up the track. There were another 16 or so just beside the crater. They took off as we came close.


January 2014

A pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles was observed in a tree beside the nest tree in which they had successfully nested in 2009 and 2010, raising a total of three chicks. Everyone had high hopes that the sea-eagles would once again nest in Pinkerton Forest.  In January we had positive confirmation of Wedge-tailed Eagles nesting at Western Water.

In February of 2014 the juvenile eagle was seen at several sites at Western Water. It was immediately recognisable in its juvenile plumage, with golden shoulders and head, with the rest of the body a dark chocolate colour. It was usually disturbed while perched on the ground.

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