rail upgrade x150Ballarat Line Upgrade: removal of trees from rail corridor

Relocating felled Sheoke trunks from rail reserve to Pinkerton Link

At a meeting with Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group (PLEG), Regional Rail Revival, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority and LendLease concerning removal of native grassland vegetation from the rail corridor between Deer Park and Melton, PLEG were informed that a stand of Drooping Sheoke trees, a few hundred metres east of Ferris Road was to be removed to make way for railway duplication works.

The Pinkerton Link Story: creating a forest out of nothing!

In the beginning: there was the Sludge Paddock!

1. Background 2010

aerial ww surbiton x150Western Water owns a 692 hectare property at Butlers Rd, Mt. Cottrell where it operates the Melton Recycled Water Plant (RWP). A large part of the property is currently leased for farming activity using recycled water from the Melton RWP. The majority of the property consists of agricultural pasture but also incorporates wastewater lagoons and infrastructure, agricultural structures and areas of native vegetation such as Pinkerton Forest and the Werribee River. Melton RWP is within the Victorian Volcanic Plains (VVP) bio-region and is found 1 kilometre west of Mt Cottrell.


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